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New year, new website

I think a lot of people look at the new year as a new start and probably even more after 2020 as it has changed how we live our lives quite fundamentally due to the pandemic. I thought that the new year might be a good time to change up my website and move to a new platform.

When I decided to re-make my website I first thought about building it in a vue.js framework like Nuxt or Gridsome depending on how I wanted it to be hosted, but in the end I chose a different route. I realized that this would be the perfect time to not only build something new but also learn something new so I went with a front-end framework and a CMS I hadn’t worked with on a real project before. I decided to go with Next.js a React-based framework and Sanity as the headless CMS. As always I also used TailwindCSS to style the site.

I’ve enjoyed the workflow of building the site in Next.js and I do like the ease of customizing the Sanity Studio (administration panel) to fit my needs with post types and fields. I will hopefully write a more comprehensive post on my thoughts on working with these projects soon. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.