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Reflection of 2022

2022 has gone by so quickly and it has been such an eventful year. I thought that it would be nice to look back at the past twelve months and appreciate all that has happened.

In January we went on a ski trip to Kläppen, we were there for a week with my fiancé’s family and I had a blast snowboarding and seeing the others that are just getting into skiing learning, and progressing. We are going back in January next year and I’m counting down the days.

During the spring we found out we were having another baby which is a major change in all of our lives, especially for our daughter.

In the summer I spent time at the flying club working towards my glider pilot license and even though I was not able to get all the flying done, I did end up finishing all the theoretical tests and got my radio license for both Swedish and English. In total, I spent over 11 hours in the air with 30 starts during the season.

During my vacation, we went on a road trip for a few days staying at a few different places in Dalsland and Dalarna. We stayed two nights in Kläppen where we went on a ski trip earlier in the year. Everything looked very different in the summer. We also went to Mora and looked at how they make the classic “dalahäst”-figurines as well went on a half-day cruise up “Dalslands Kanal”.

In the fall I started work on the new website for the flying club. Due to all the other things going on at work and home in preparation for having our second child things moved at a slow but steady pace until we finally published version 1.0 in early December.

In late November our second daughter was born and since then I think all of us have been just trying to get into new routines.

It has been an intense year with things happening both at work and home and I’m very excited to see what 2023 will bring.