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Lidköpings Flygklubb

During the fall of 2022 I slowly chipped away at a new website for my flying club. As their previous website provider will close down on December 31st of 2022 it was decided that a new one would be developed by myself.

For ease of use of the editors I chose to use WordPress as a base, not only because it has a simple editing interface but also because a lot of people know how to develop WordPress themes and plugins in case I would no longer be available to help in the future.

The theme is built using a classic theme style with Tailwind CSS styling and sprinkles of React for interactivity on the calendar for example. For bundling, I use Parcel to not have to set up a bunch of configs. There is a function for members who are logged in to directly send feature requests and error reports to my GitLab issue-tracker so that I can manage new issues with ease.

This is the first version and I hope to expand on the website and change it to even better fit the needs of the other members.

You can visit the website here: