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Villainous Solo

If you haven’t heard about Disney Villainous, it is a competitive board game by Ravensburger designed by Prospero Hall. Villainous is generally played with 2-5 players but with some adjusted rules, it can be played solo.

Since I do play the game solo once in a while I thought I could create a really simple web app to help me during those plays. What I needed was:

  • A way to keep track of the number of rounds played, and adjust the numbers allowed for a harder or simpler game
  • Between rounds “roll” a D4 to see if an action would occur
  • Display information about which villains have specific rule changes
  • A way to randomly select the villain to play with

I decided to use Vite as a bundler, React as the frontend javascript framework (mostly to keep track of state and allow me to use components), Tailwind for styling, and then deploy the app to Vercel.

So far it is just designed for mobile screens so the next step will be to adjust the layout and perhaps create a more interesting design.

The code is public on gitlab if you want to have a look and make suggestions for improvements. And the web app is available on